Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Application - Allysria Luminar

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PostSubject: Application - Allysria Luminar   Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:10 pm

1. Character's name as it appears above your character's head: (if your character has a another name she/he uses IC, as well as last name or nick name, add those as well)
-Allysria Luminar

2. Character's class and level, preferably a link to armory as well:
-Lvl 100, Arcane Mage;

3. Professions:
-Tailoring, Enchanting

4. What IC motive does your character have to join a Task force?:
-Fascinated by her people's history and magics she has long languished in the halls of Silvermoon since childhood. The perils surrounding the elves in recent years have pressed her into a desire for elven security. An admirer of the likes of the Sunreaver Onslaught under Lorthemar Theron, she hopes to be a part of the resurgence of Elven strength to come. When hearing of the Sin Belore, she saw this as a prime opportunity.

5. Background of your character OR an in character application: (We don't need to know everything, just something to get a general idea of your character's motives and such)
-A promising student of the arcane, Allysria has been raised with strong affinities to History and Magic. She has had little time for armed combat save the occasional use of a staff in training. Living a highly sheltered life within Quel'Thalas and hearing only stories of the brutal years of the Troll Wars and the Exodus of the Highborne, Allysria has grown curious, she is pressed forward by two ideals: Knowledge and a powerful nationalist agenda of Elven security against the world. As such she can at times be Xenophobic towards other races, treating them with equal measures of fear and contempt but will try to put the needs of the Elves first. Whether her preconceptions are problematic can only be found out in the moment.


6. How did you hear of the Sin Belore?:
-Read up on the forum posts and have seen the guild around on the server for a while.

7. Why do you want to join us?:
-Ive been trying to find a guild I can fit with, I enjoy trying out numerous forms of RP and Blood Elf is one that has called to me for quite some time, often either busy or unable to find a guild I suit. As such after looking into the SB, I hope this is a guild I can be a part of.

8. Would you say you are a relaxed person with a good sense of humor, or do you often find yourself offended by controversial subjects, even when it's clearly just a joke instead of one's true opinion?
-I am very much a fan of dark humour in many situations, so long as people aren't obnoxiously over the top about it. Rarely do I get offended by comedy although I may be taken back to jokes about highly dangerous topics such as Rape etc. depending on the nature of it.

9. Your experience in WoW:
-Spent approximately 4-5 years on WoW. Joined up in late TBC era and have been playing on and off since then. Took breaks around the last patch of Cataclysm and briefly this year following the release of the Highmaul content. Returning very recently.

10. Your experience in roleplaying:
-Ive been doing roleplay quite regularly across a number of MMO games. WoW was my beginning and have been RPing for about 4 years, again on and off. Ive spent most of my Roleplay between WoW and SWTOR and have enjoyed both platforms for it, liking the mixture of situations. Ive been a member of numerous guilds, since coming to Argent Dawn however I have largely only been a member of one other guild; Blackjaw Clan, which I enjoyed thoroughly and would have no qualms with RP'ing with them again.

11. Do you currently have any alts or mains in other roleplaying guilds?
-Currently guildless on toons due to a recent long break from the game, as stated above previous member of BJC.

12. Are you able to keep the following channels to In Character messages only, even when you are OOC yourself and think no one will be bothered by a bit of OOC in: /Say  /emote /yell? Do you ever use brackets (()), and if so, why?
-I have no issue with keeping public channels to IC as I have grown used to this frame of working during RP, I have used brackets on occassion when it came to casual RP with friends who may not be from the guild or party and as such needed to quickly convey an OOC message to multiple people at once, otherwise I would use /w for such things.

13. Are you familiar with the terms: god-emoting, meta gaming & Mary Sue characters? Do you think you will be able to avoid such traps in your roleplay?
-I am familiar with these terms, I take every precaution with my characters, often keeping them simple and trying not to be too OP in my actions as to keep RP fair and balanced. Often I find the more simplistic stance can lead to a better mixture of Roleplay rather than being the ultragod of doom bent on destroying Azeroth Muahahaha. *coughs*

14. Tell us a bit about yourself: (how old are you, do you work or go to school, how much do you usually play during the day/week etc.)
-I am currently 19 years old, I am in University education currently moving onto the Summer break between semesters so I may have more time than normal in the coming couple of months if the situation doesnt change for whatever reason. As I have just come back to the game I cannot say my usual playtime recently, but typically I can be on MMOs for substantial amounts of time. I like to Raid on occassion, during the SoO period I raided almost every opportunity, sadly I never actually got to do Mythic content back then but I happily cleared HC Garrosh with some friends and got mah looms Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Allysria Luminar   Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:06 pm

Hello Allysria! Thanks for your application. Very Happy

OOC should always be kept out of /s and /yell. If you need to quickly convey OOC messages to a group of people at once, it is best to use gchat or party chat to communicate OOCly with them. Smile

Aside from that, I have no issue with your application so you are accepted. ^^ Next time you're ingame, just /w Nessra, Anthrios, Tialis, Ishelia or Wehlaen for an invite and an IC interview (which is just us asking a bunch of questions and keeping your answers recorded. This does not determine if you can stay or not. You can. ^^)
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Application - Allysria Luminar
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