Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Application - Odyssa Duskhale

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PostSubject: Application - Odyssa Duskhale   Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:53 am


1. Character's name as it appears above your character's head: (if your character has a another name she/he uses IC, as well as last name or nick name, add those as well)
Odyssa Duskhale.

2. Character's class and level, preferably a link to armory as well:
I'm a Hunter and my current level is 83. I'm will be leveling to 100.

3. Professions:
Skinning and Leatherworking.

4. What IC motive does your character have to join a Task force?:
A conversation with a stranger made her realise that she no longer has a purpose. She is now searching for that.

5. Background of your character OR an in character application: (We don't need to know everything, just something to get a general idea of your character's motives and such)
Odyssa has spent most of her life in the Ghostlands. Her parents before her were Scouts sent by Silvermoon to keep an eye on the Amani threat. She accepted the mantle after her parents and continued to monitor the threat until countermeasures needed to be taken. Once the Amani diminished as a threat, Odyssa was released from her scouting duties and has spent the last several years as a Ranger within the Ghostlands. She has only recently started to explore other lands.


6. How did you hear of the Sin Belore?:
Brows in the Guild Tab. I then went onto and read your recruitment post.

7. Why do you want to join us?:
Truth be told this sounds like a solid RP guild that isn't wishy washy nor "evil" in alignment.

8. Would you say you are a relaxed person with a good sense of humor, or do you often find yourself offended by controversial subjects, even when it's clearly just a joke instead of one's true opinion?
I'm not easily offended in the slightest. I'm quite quiet in Guild Chat unless it's a peculiar topic of conversation, generally.

9. Your experience in WoW:
I raided Naxx in Vanilla and was starting to raid the Sunwell in BC before I quit World of Warcraft. I left a few months before Wrath was released, then picked it back up again for a few months when MoP came out, but wasn't able to find a community that interested me, and so left WoW once again. I picked up Warlords to play with a friend, but his interest didn't persist. Mine has, however.

10. Your experience in roleplaying:
I am an experienced RP'er, but I have lost a lot of confidence in my ability as I haven't RP'd for a fairly long time and will need to warm up to it again. I RP'd through two years of Vanilla and all of BC. I have also RP'd on other games such as EvE Online and Wildstar.

11. Do you currently have any alts or mains in other roleplaying guilds?
My "main" is actually an Alliance priest in a Twilight Cultist guild. As the friend who I was originally playing with has since stopped, I decided to make a Horde Hunter, as the only reason I was Alliance in the first place was because of him. Should I find a community which I feel at home, I intend to faction change my priest, who is level 100 and has started to get geared up for raids.

12. Are you able to keep the following channels to In Character messages only, even when you are OOC yourself and think no one will be bothered by a bit of OOC in: /Say /emote /yell? Do you ever use brackets (()), and if so, why?
I don't use /Say /Emote or /Yell for anything other than RP purposes. I even RP in whispers, if my character is not meant to be overheard. I do use double brackets in whispers if I am RP'ing with someone and wish to inform them of something, like "BRB", or to ask a question.

13. Are you familiar with the terms: god-emoting, meta gaming & Mary Sue characters? Do you think you will be able to avoid such traps in your roleplay?
The temptation to stick a Star Wars meme in here was almost overpowering. Having been involved in the RP community to varying degrees for over 10 years, I am unfortunately well acquainted with these terms and have absolutely no interest in being a special snowflake, or dealing with them.

14. Tell us a bit about yourself: (how old are you, do you work or go to school, how much do you usually play during the day/week etc.)
I am 26 years old and I work varying shift patterns, which means I may not always be around for the start time of events. My days off also vary (yay for absolutely no consistency!), but I generally know what I will be working a few weeks in advance, so I can plan things accordingly. I also usually log on at least once a day to check out what's going on.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Odyssa Duskhale   Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:18 am

Whisper me, Ishelia, Tialis or Wehlaen ingame for an IC interview.

A Vrenya
A Vresha
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Application - Odyssa Duskhale
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