Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Information about the guild, rules, FAQ.

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PostSubject: Information about the guild, rules, FAQ.   Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:39 am

Here is a brief overview of the Sin Belore, its guild policy and a few more FAQs.

The Sin Belore used to be one of the many military units of the army of Quel'thalas, founded during the times when Blood Elves and the Horde first became allied. While protecting Quel'thalas was always their main worry, the unit was often sent to aid Horde on other continents as well.

During the recent Horde civil war, the unit was dishonorably discharged for reasons only a few know and many spread rumors about. Their numbers diminished greatly during the rebellion, having lost two of their ships at sea and most of their men because of it. With the funding gone and most of their men as well, the Sin Belore had to adapt.

This group has been seen chasing artifacts, freeing prisoners and bringing traitors back to Silvermoon for justice. Lately, they have been rumored to be in good terms with the Thalassian army again although no official record of it can be found, and if asked, they deny having any contact with the unit.

Structure and ranks

Sin Ashisore & Sin Drassil - The leaders of the unit, currently: Nessra Sunwhisper & Kaleil Sunstrike.

Sin Serrar - Second in command, currently unused.

Sin Ashal - The general officers of the unit. These men and women are to be obeyed when the Lord or Lady are not present. Currently: Ishelia Sunwalker, Ryu Bloodbane & Wehlaen Silverwalker

Sin Thori - This rank is reserved for those who have been faithfully serving the unit for several years, or alternatively proven themselves to be useful in many ways.

Agent - A full member of the unit

Recruit - Everyone starts from this rank

Reserve -  Men and women who aid the unit from time to time, but are mainly engaged in other activities.

Suspended - This rank speaks for itself.

OOC information:

~Who are we? What do we do?
Sin Belore was founded in the beginning of the Burning Crusade on Defias Brotherhood RPPVP server, and migrated to Argent Dawn in September 2013. We are an organization consisting solely of Blood Elves, no exceptions. Our weekly events revolve around missions, training, information gathering and fighting whatever enemies we come across, following only our own grey moral compass which may not always go hand in hand with the society's views or laws. Most of our events are dungeon mastered roll events and we try our best to attend RPPVP events as well when we can, preferring battles where we can go full out instead of autoattacking. While we accept any level and class of Blood Elves (yes, even Death Knights are welcome), we encourage our members to level up and grab some gear so that they can attend all kinds of events in various different locations. If you like PVP, you might just get an extra cookie.

~ How big is the guild?
We are small, and we prefer to stay small. The guild concept in itself does not require a large amount of people to work, as many of the missions can easily be completed even with just 2 people and still make perfect sense. Our roster fluctuates around 50+ characters, but the actual active members are around the 5-10 mark.

~Do you believe in portals?!
Since we are small, we realize being stuck on a several days long mission on the other side of Azeroth is not ideal in a case where other members have logged off for the night or are busy doing something else than RP. This is why we always ICly set up a portal from our camp back to Silvermoon, so that our members still have a chance of finding casual RP with strangers if they are left alone. Luckily Blood elves are the super heroes of magic, thus abusing portals is by no means as questionable for us as it might be for other races.

~Guild rules and Policy
We reserve /say, /yell and /emote for IC messages only, even when we are OOC ourselves. Should any of our members be found breaking this rule, the officers would greatly appreciate it if you reported such behavior to us. Furthermore, we have zero tolerance towards Erotic RolePlay on public channels (those being /say /yell and /emote), and getting caught from writing lewd content on those channels WILL result in a swift guild kick. Please be aware that there are minors in this game and that you are representing the whole guild with the <Sin Belore> tag over your head.

~Who can join?
Besides being a blood elf, we also require the IRL age of at least 16 to join due to our slightly older member base. On top of that, a good sense of humor and patience is an absolute must. Those who are easily upset or offended should seek another guild to join. We are a fun loving bunch of sensible adults with a liking to dark humor and controversial subjects, thus our guild chat might not be suitable for the squeamish.

New roleplayers are more than welcome to join our ranks, as long as they are willing to learn and adjust. Reading up on the blood elf lore on or is a good start, but we don't expect you to know everything.

We have always enforced strict naming rules for our members and new applicants, and will continue to do so regardless of the rare negative feedbacks we have received. If your name is on the list of no-no's and you still want to apply, you will be asked to get a name change before being accepted into the guild. For more information, you can check:

~Where are the Sin Belore located?
IC we store some of our supplies and archives inside the Hall of Respite and the Silvermoon Jewelery. Otherwise we frequently leave Quel'thalas to travel anywhere on Azeroth & Outlands.

What does the guild provide for my character IC?
Payment, supplies, armor repairs, transportation, insurance. We also do our best to set up a portal back to Quel'thalas and from Quel'thalas back to the mission location where ever we're staying, so that our soldiers may visit their families and loved ones after a day of hard work.

~How do the Sin Belore view PvP?
PvP activity in the Sin Belore is highly encouraged, and we try our best to attend most RPPVP events as long as it makes sense for us to be there. We are not a PVP guild though. RP always comes first and sometimes the breaks between RPPVP activity are long.

~How do the Sin Belore view corpse camping?
Although this is very rare on a realm where people can choose not to be PVP enabled, we do have our rules for it too. Corpsecamping is allowed only in a couple of cases, such as seeing players with names that are obviously not suitable for a roleplaying realm, or if you are being harassed by the other player without a reason. If someone attacks your city, feel free to kill them as many times as you wish until they Hearthstone back to their own lands. Killing low level toons or destroying others' RP events just for fun will result in scolding, and removal from guild if the problem persists.

~Do you wear uniforms?
While on missions only tabard is mandatory unless otherwise stated. Our tabard is black and red, and trying to transmog your gear into similar color schemes is of course greatly appreciated if you wish to do so, but not required.

~Is there an activity quota?
If you disappear for a period of 30 days without notifying us about it, we will assume that you have given up the character and/or the guild and will be removed for inactivity. Should you wish to come back later, though, you are more than welcome to ask one of our officers for an invite back. Attending all events is encouraged, but we realize sometimes one simply does not have the right mood or time for them and that is acceptable.

~Do you have a Guild Bank?
We do indeed have one. Please note that Recruits have very limited access to withdrawals, hence why they must ask officers to withdraw anything extra and state their reasons. One should also know, that withdrawals from the guild bank are subject to the following restrictions:

-You may not withdraw items to give them to one of your alts, unless said alts are in the guild.
-You may not withdraw items to give them as a present to someone outside the guild.
-You most certainly may not withdraw items to sell them on the AH or to anyone else.

Not abiding by these rules can easily result in a warning or guild kick.

~ What kind of perks does the guild have?
With the appropriate reputation level you have access to the following items from Guild Vendor:
- Rare and epic guild tabard
- Rare and epic Cloak of Coordination (Teleports you to Orgrimmar)
- Pets: Guild Page, Guild Herald, Dark Phoenix Hatchling. Armadillo Pup. Lil' Tarecgosa
- Mounts: Kor'kron Annihilator (scorpid) & Dark Phoenix
- Common, rare and epic quality guild banners
- Heirlooms: Cloaks, hats and pants
- All available guild shirts, from common to epic.

~Is there anything else I should know?
We expect our members to be able to write somewhat fluent English. You don't have to be an expert in the language, but excess spelling mistakes tend to make roleplaying a less enjoyable experience for others. Unfortunately this means that some applicants with a notable dyslexia won't get in.

We do not tolerate begging of gold or begging to boost you in instances to level up. We're more than happy to aid our members with some of the more difficult quests and clear old raid content for transmog gear though, as long as we're not busy with something else.

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Information about the guild, rules, FAQ.
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