Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Menuldrin Aldavir application

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PostSubject: Menuldrin Aldavir application   Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:34 pm

[1] Character's name ingame: (if your character has a last name or nick name, add those as well)
-Menuldrin Aldavir

[2] Character's class and level:
-82 Paladin

[3] Professions:

[4] Why does your character want to join the Sin Belore?:

-Unsocial guild at the moment, want to do military rp and enjoy a social guild.

[5] Background of your character OR an in character application:

Aldavir, enjoying his blood knight duty, isn't quite happy with the lack of military training provided by his current guild. ( Blood knight guard). Thus he decides to see if the closest equivalent has anything to offer him.

About Menuldrin;

Being raised without his family, by his miltaristic relative. He was trained in the use of every weapon and its uses since childhood.
His ability with battling undeads got his relative aware of his spiritual link the the light, and he gave him the proper paladin training. Menuldrin was a given soldier at the time he turned mature enough to join the thalassian army. Which he did, and served it well, mostly as a guard at the settlements closest to Ghostlands. Menuldrin, mature and well understood with the world and its nature, is a friendly, yet determined, blood knight ready to serve those who he is loyal to.

( Perhaps abit short, but feel free to get to know me both IC and OOC. I'm a nice guy. )


[6] How did you hear of the Sin Belore?:
-Through a friend.

[7] Why do you want to join us?:
-Because I've heard good stuff about the guild.

[8] Your experience in WoW:
-About a year in total of playing

[9] Your experience in roleplaying:
-I've been part of several guilds, both rp and casuals, my experience is pretty good.

[10] Are you able to stay In Character on following channels: /Say /emote /yell at all times?

Of course.

[11] Are you familiar with the terms god-emoting and meta-gaming, and do you think you are able to avoid those traps in your roleplay?

-Yes. Im pretty sure I will run into both, ( Lollers lolling about ) but I will avoid it at all cost.

[12] Tell us a bit about yourself:
-My name's Mikael and I'm 18. Currently both studying to become and working as an electrician. I enjoy music and gaming and socializing with friends, taking a few(many) beers etc. Those who care to know more could always ask me.

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PostSubject: Re: Menuldrin Aldavir application   Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:55 pm

Darilas has already vouched for you.

You're welcome to poke any officer: Nessra, Celistra, Darilas, Thuradas, ingame and we will give you an IC interview.
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Menuldrin Aldavir application
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