Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Application Análith

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PostSubject: Application Análith   Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:35 pm

1: Análith Teli'larien
2:Lvl 60 Hunter
4:She is given in to her duty to protect Quel'Thalas and so she will do what ever it takes to do so. And the goals of the Sin Belore are the same as she follows. For the only thing important to her is the safety of the Sin'dorei race.
5:(Oh it goes, tho i don't really know if it will fit here)
Análith Teli'larien has been born in the eve of the wars with the Savage Amani Trolls. With both father and mother being rangers in Farstriders so did she want to continue down their own footsteps, and so her story begins:
Fires rose to the heavens as a arrows branded in flames rose from the ground. Spears and axes cutting through the shadows of the Forrest.
Análith woke gasping for air. She pulled her sheets to herself and looked around herself "Damn, just another nightmare.... The third one this week.... Bah i should slow down on the drin...." Her thought was broken by the sound of a rangers warhorn. She quickly rose to her feet and gathered her clothes and her boiled leather armor. She took quite some time getting into it as she took her bow and quiver and took a step outside of her small balcony. " Spears and axes? Hah what a joke, it couldn't have been more right, damn dreams, why don't the good ones come true?"
she thought with a smirk as she placed her sword upon her back and took her bow with an arrow ready in her other hand as she made her way to the Captain. " Trolls, how long have they attacked our borders, how long will they persist with their attacks? Bah...too much thinking... The only thing i need to do here is place arrows in their skulls" She walked up to Captain Sunbrand and the same moment was sent to the southern wooden wall of the Enclave. As she took up her arrow and walked towards her fellow Rangers she has seen that yet again a great number of trolls have gathered around the ramparts throwing their spears towards the small wooden walls...She waited a few seconds, before the signal, and then with many others released her arrow towards the Troll host. The night was long, tho in the end the troll savages have decided to cut their loses and pulled back. Two Rangers and one Farstrider dead.. Not much, but a sorrow full event any way. She sighed as she looked her fellow Rangers being taken away and after a few moments she strapped her bow and went towards the training grounds....The young years...How full of joy and bliss they were...None were prepared for what will hit them in the future....
And so years have past and one by one the Kingdoms of men fell.... The war was hard and the Elves fought hard. But in the end they aswell have fallen to the Scourge. Análith barely survived her addiction, but in the end she managed to overcome it.... Filled with anger by the treason of the Alliance and by the death of many. She found a new born anger towards Human kind... She survived the Scourge. And with many other Farstriders fought a desperate war to preserve Quel'thalas.. And of the horde well... She holds no love to the Greenskin savages or the Trolls...And the Forsaken.... in her eyes are the same as the Scourge of Lordaeron...Tho they are all tools for the Sin'dorei race to rise once more. So she does what she is ordered to, and shows no open hostility towards the Savages Beasts of the Horde.
6: On the Defias Forums and well i have seen you in SM a few times.
7: Well the biggest reason is to find a fitting role playing guild for my elf.
8: Started playing on the end of the Burning Crusade.
9: Have been a member of the RP community on Defias for some time now. And during TBC was a co leader of a Shattered Sun guild back on Argent Dawn. At the moment i have 8 Alliance characters around the Alliance role playing guilds.
10: Yes, am rarely out of character.
11: Indeed i am, and yes i am able to avoid them.
12:Well here we go, My name is Anastasija (Ana) Markovic, i come from Serbia, live between Kosovska Mitrovica and Nis, am moving between towns atleast 3 times during the month. Am 18 years old and most of the times live in my appartment in Nis. I am finishing the last year of High School, and from time to time and translating from English to Serbian for Privat Organisations. And well...i never had a real gaming time thing. So i usualy play when i find time for it. But i try to be active on the evenings. Tho i might be away some nights, do to Privat German Lessons i attend and going to Gigs and Concerts. I like to listen to Metal, mostly (Power, Death, Sympho) and the local Serbian Punk-rock, Oi punk scene. I am blonde (yep Razz) Tho i dye my hair mostly in black. Hmm that will be all i think i know about my self, or am willing to say here Razz.
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PostSubject: Re: Application Análith   Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:53 pm

The Amani troll wars ended 2-3 thousand years ago, so I'm guessing your character and her parents were merely killing the few trolls that still habit the woods these days instead of being born anywhere close to the actual toll wars. Nowadays it would be difficult to find an elf who has lived past 400 years, due to the fact that all the old and young elves died at the siege of the Sunwell Smile

But apart from that, this application looks very nice!
You're welcome to poke any of our officers ingame and we will sort out an IC interview for you.
Poke: Nessra, Celistra, Darilas, Thuradas or Kaleil.
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PostSubject: Re: Application Análith   Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:53 am

Indeed. didn't really refer to the Great Amani Empire that was pestering the Elves that made them make an alliance with the Humans. Bu tindeed at the many warbands that survived the Slaughter at ZA and continued many useless assaults against the Quel'dorei. Thats why she treated that attack more like a nuisance then a real threat.
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PostSubject: Re: Application Análith   

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Application Análith
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