Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Anureas Leaffall

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PostSubject: Anureas Leaffall   Sun May 06, 2012 4:52 pm

[1] Character's name: Anureas Leaffall (He wouldnt mind being called Anu though)

[2] Character's class and level: Hunter, lvl 23+ Lynx Handler ICly

[3] Professions: Herbalism (For IC reasons)

[4] Why does your character want to join the Sin Belore?:
It was sunny summer day. Anureas woke up, yawned and stretched his arms. He pulled himself off ground, noticing that the fire almost died. First thing that caught his attention was cub chasing grasshopper, he turned to left looking at two kittens playing with each other, as the playing became harsh the kittens were put in order by larger lynx. Anureas smilled and said: "It seems that you can care about your cubs very well." And then he patted the proud lynx mother and stroked her fur. Anureas started checking supplies. "I have linen clothes for bandages, bread hmmm even some wine left, some cheese and even mushrooms.. oh Im almost out of herbs." whispered Anureas. He knew best place for gathering silverleaf, problem was that it was on Amani territory. Anureas wrinkled his forehead. "Id better go now..." thought Anureas. Anureas overlooked camp, noticing that Bloodleaf, alpha of his small lynx pack, didnt return yet from hunt. " I would rather go with him.. but he is not back yet.. taking your time, right Bloodleaf? What I can do I need that silverleaf for bandages badly... Whom Im lying to.. I need bloodthistle.. the urge is killing me" whispered Anureas and frowned. Anureas took sword from under blanket and and bow and quiver from nearby stash.

He fastened his belt and boots and slowly wandered for the herbs. He passed through the scar and frowned. Too many painful memories emerged. Lost of his family, beloved Lady Sylvanas and closest -friend-. "My poor Layenna... how I miss you." Anureas´s face saddened as all those memories flew through his head. He almost forgot about addiction on bloodthistle and magic, for that purpose he always had mana shard in his pack. As he threaded further to the east he passed Farstrider Retreat. He waved at one of his friends that was on guarding duty. "Hey Areyn on morning duty again?" shouted Anureas. Areyn just waved her hand as responce, clearly not happy from early duty. Anureas smilled and continued his journey, the urge for bloodthistle slowly began to return.

As he was close to Amani territory he pulled bow from his shoulder and placed arrow on the wooden frame. "Need to be careful.. now" whispered Anureas. Anureas crawled through bushes in attempt to remain unseen as long as he could. After few minutes he got to perfect place, small glade with plenty of silverleaf and of course bloodthistle. Anureas smilled as he saw bountiful tufts of herbs. He dropped his guard and rushed towards the herbs and started gathering. He was almost done when unpleasant voice thundered through the glade: " DAT BE AMANI LAND YOU TRESSPASS, YOU BE DEAD NOW MON!" Anureas wrinkled his forehead and cursed: "Damnit! Almost done. Damnit!" He pushed last herbs he gathered into his pack and thrown the back over his shoulder, raising his bow as the first troll appeared. The troll grinned until Anureas released arrow. Then Troll´s face looked more of horrified. The troll dropped to ground, breathing heavily. Anureas instantly rushed from glade, running through bushes and trees. He heard his pursuers behind him, so he added to already fast tempo. He was nearing to the border. He was unstoppable now atleast he thought it. When Anureas emerged from last line of bushes he saw green fist flying towards his face then came blackout.

"BRUDDAS! I GOT DA ELF!" yelled the troll. Anureas woke up after he felt blunt pain on his chest. Seemed like trolls were angry becouse of troll he shot earlier. Anureas was hold by two trolls each of them held one of his arm. Trolls pulled him higher and the torturer turned into executioner, reaching for axe. Anureas raised his head as act of final defiance, looking as the troll was readying for swinging the axe. The axe was about the strike Anureas down when crimson steel emerged from the chest of the troll. Right after blood emerged from the chest as well and from troll´s mouth, troll began to choke on it. The other two let Anureas go, reaching for weapons, too late! As the Anureas fell to ground, the crimson blade was swung in wide arc and stroke trolls down. Anureas breathed heavily, still in shock. Anureas´s rescuers pulled him on his feet again and helped him to walk towards Farstrider Retreat. "Citizen, are you still with us?" asked him his rescuers. Anureas nodded once, raising his head. He finally saw his rescuers. Two blood elfs in crimson armor. It was quite fascinating look, majestic yet deadly. As they got to Retreat they left him on the chair and handed him wine. "That might bring you back from shock" said the blood knight and smiled on him. Areyn rushed off guard post and started to tend to him. Anureas was still in shock. The blood knight turned around and were walking out of Retreat. Anureas raised his head and yelled:" Wait, who are you?". "We are from Sin Belore!" replied blood knights. Anureas nodded once. "Sin Belore.. I owe you my life.." whispered and sipped the wine.

Several days later single thought echoed through Anureas´s head. He wanted to join them. Was it becouse of gratitude? Yes! Was it becouse of chance to take revenge on trolls? Yes! But there was more in it. He wanted to protect Quel´thalas. Its denizens. He hadnt much to offer, clumsy skills with sword, rather average skill with bow. And his pack of lynxes. That was thing he was good in. Training and breeding. The question stills.. Will they accept him?

[5] Background of your character OR an in character application:
Anureas is 85 years old Blood Elf (just reached his adulthood) of average height and weight. He lost his family and lover to Scourge after that he accepted the name "Sin´dorei" as his own as for the memory of the fallen. He indeed loves his cats (Lynxes). He is optimistic and happy for most of time, althought some things can bring him down quickly. He is happy outside, in forest in company of his pack. He also likes company of other blood elves but recently he spent lot of time outside of Silvermoon. He as every blood elf is "very touchy from lack of arcane in his diet", and to that he added addiction on bloodthistle. His view on other races of the horde is rather mixxed up. In forsaken he sees monsters which took everything from him, at other hand Lady Sylvanas which he always adored little improves his opinion. As for rest races, taurens, trolls and orcs, they are rather savages in his eyes althought he learned that some of them are carrying wisdom. And for goblins, well tricky creatures which are cappable of crafting incredible things. Still he really doesnt trust them.


[6] How did you hear of the Sin Belore?: For first time it was our attack on Quel´thalas. Then from my friends.

[7] Why do you want to join us?: As long as I know you are best Blood Elf guild. And Blood elves are something I really like. ^^

[8] Your experience in WoW: I was playing WoW for atleast five years now. Started on private servers. Then I came on official ones.

[9] Your experience in roleplaying: I started with roleplaying about year ago. My first RP guild was and still is Army of the damned. Then I was trying some other things like Holy Lightbringers and then my own project which I didnt finish. As for something little different - Military RP on Lord Calypho, guild Bastion (SWTOR).

[10] Tell us a bit about yourself: Im 23 years old, live in Czech republic, currently Im in terrible, stressful work but as long as it pays bills. Althought life is hard I try to remain optimistic and such. And perhaps I could bring some optimism on you.
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PostSubject: Re: Anureas Leaffall   Sun May 06, 2012 8:42 pm

An interesting read. Looks good to me.

Poke an officer and we will give you an IC interview: Celistra, Nessra, Sylvaelynn

Alternatively, if you can't find any of us online, ask a guild member to check if we're hiding on alts! If that fails, post here what days/times would suit you the best.

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Anureas Leaffall
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