Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Application - Markaleth Darksun

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PostSubject: Application - Markaleth Darksun   Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:12 pm


[1] Character's name ingame:

Markaleth Darksun

[2] Character's class and level:

Warrior lvl 74, but I'm lvling pretty fast so wont take long till I'm 85.

[3] Professions:


[4] Why does your character want to join the Sin Belore?:

Being a past soldier in Kael'thas Sunstrider's army in Outland, he realised that Sunstrider did not wish the best for his people, but only lusted for power. Markaleth has since he deserted Sunstrider's army been looking for a way to aid his people and he believes Sin Belore is a guild, who seeks the best for the Sin'dorei.

[5] Background of your character OR an in character application:

Markaleth Darksun was born and raised on a small island near the coast of Eversong Woods. His father had been banished from Silvermoon for experimenting with dark magic. His childhood wasn't the brightest. His father only saw him as his weapon for his revenge. Markaleth's father trained him to become a warlock, but showed little progress with the arts of magic which led to psychical punishment by his father's hand. One day their house was attacked by a small band of undead, who killed Markaleth's father, but Markaleth managed to defeat a few of the undeads with his father sword and managed to escape. He ran to Silvermoon hoping to be able to find shelter, but when he arrived the city was already set ablaze by the invading undeads. Afterwards he was one amongst the former high elves who were rounded up by Kael'thas to join his cause.


[6] How did you hear of the Sin Belore?:

I've been on the server for quite some time on non-blood elf characters, but I've always found Sin Belore very interesting so now that I've got my blood elf character I'd like to join a real blood elf guild.

[7] Why do you want to join us?:

Mostly because of the blood elf RP and to have a guild that does weekly events and such. Plus I've heard there are some very experienced RPers in this guild, which would only make the RP even more fun.

[8] Your experience in WoW:

Been RPing on a lot of different servers over the years and raided and PvP of course.

[9] Your experience in roleplaying:

I've a lot of experience from roleplaying, all the rules, character buildup and so on and so on. I've been in tons of RP guilds with a whole bunch of very different characters.

[10] Are you able to stay In Character on following channels: /Say /emote /yell at all times?

Yes, of course.

[11] Are you familiar with the terms god-emoting and meta-gaming, and do you think you are able to avoid those traps in your roleplay?

Yeah, it'd be hard to avoiding not being familiar with these terms sadly ... but trust me non of that I even consider real RPing so I'll avoid it of course.

[12] Tell us a bit about yourself:

Toughest question ... I'm a 19 year old boy from Denmark, I'm very much into especially rock music and play guitar in a band ... (I really don't know what else to write? I guess I'm not that interesting). I also love tattooes and got a few of them myself.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Markaleth Darksun   Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:20 pm

Looks good. Poke an officer for an IC interview: Nessra, Celistra, Sylvaelynn.
If you can't find any of us online, we might be on our alts so poke any member to find out if that's the case. Alternatively, post here which days and times you will most likely be online, and we'll try to be online at the same time.
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Application - Markaleth Darksun
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