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 Rejuvenating role-play on Defias Brotherhood, a few suggestions!

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PostSubject: Rejuvenating role-play on Defias Brotherhood, a few suggestions!   Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:40 am

Hey, Ephitos again, (I can see the last topic I posted from a year holy shit?)

Rejuvenating role-play on Defias Brotherhood, a few easy steps:
Try to follow some of these steps and I guarantee you that there will be more role-players new and old into the community.

There’s always talk of trying to bring back the good old days, but the fact of the matter is that many people have moved on or lost interest, but commonly it is known that to increase the size of your guild, and that of your community you need to grab peoples interests!

So here are a few key points on how to liven up the Defias Brotherhood community:
• Start posting ALL events & stories on the realm forum, it’s a simple matter of copy and pasting but it helps! People who travel to the realm forum, take one look are put off by the huge lack of inactivity and the constant threads of wPvP drama!

• Use Trade to advertise your role-play, I’ve pulled in several people into the Goodwyn House now from the Trade Channel, by mentioning that we’re inspired by GoT/CKII or Medieval Total War II, let people know that role-play exists, and it is numerous!

• Make events that rely on community participation, I realize that not all guilds and groups can do that, but the advertisement of events such as the Stormwind Council & Weekly masses should have emphasis on in Stormwind centric guilds. Silvermoon ought to advertise the Silvermoon Council more thoroughly in as many places as possible.

• Defias Brotherhood has a LOT of former role-players who don’t RP anymore, but they can still be enticed back into the fray through public events and strong publicity.

• Try to engage random people around Stormwind, I’ve bumped into people who have ignored me, but I’ve also bumped into people who actively made an attempt to role-play back!

• Report OOC names, an issue that has been plaguing the server is that many people are rolling OOC names, and due to the rather low amount of attention the GM’s pay to it, it’s becoming a problem, but if we all constantly at least send one report each one an OOC name, it might get sorted!

• Finally, publicity and interaction, important: Publicity, the realm forums, again and again I stress this point, the realm looks dead, but it takes five extra seconds to copy/paste an event onto the realm forums so other people can see it who don’t visit DefiasRP, the inter-realm role-playing forums as well! Interaction: Advertise the events you want to be public, invite as many guilds as you can, not everybody but shows up, but if you cast the right impression IC and those people are free, they will show up!

• Co-operation, Defias Brotherhood isn’t going to rise if people squabble and create drama, people flee drama, and so quickly, create the drama IC instead over war, political antagonism or a lovers quarrel!

Pitch in elves, we need to do this together!

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Rejuvenating role-play on Defias Brotherhood, a few suggestions!
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