Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Application - Iriehana Dawnsinger

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PostSubject: Application - Iriehana Dawnsinger   Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:47 am


Character's name ingame:
Iriehana “Hana” Dawnsinger

Character's class and level, preferably a link to armory as well:
Warlock, level 46 (leveling)

Tailoring and Enchanting

Why does your character want to join the Sin Belore?:
She seeks to protect her kin by any means necessary. In her eyes, the Sin Belore is the best place to do just that.

Background of your character OR an in character application:
Iriehana lived a simple, yet fulfilling life. Everyday she would make her rounds, greet her friends and family, and bring her father and brothers food while they were training. She loved her family, and would always smile and sometimes tease her brothers while they were training. Yes, it was a good life, but it would all change on that fateful day.
The scourge invaded Quel'thalas and everybody capable of fighting were ordered to protect their homelands. Her father, along with her brothers, were send to the front lines because they needed strong and experienced rangers and magisters to hold the scourge back.Iriehana and her mother were ordered to stay in the city, and help out the civilians.
It was a long and gruesome battle, and eventually the Quel'dorei were defeated. The losses were great and not only where the majority of the Quel'dorei slain, the well of eternity was destroyed as well.
Sorrow roamed within the Dawnsinger household as nearly the entire household was eradicated. The time she spend with her family in joy would never come back. Her father, mother, and many, many more were slain by the scourge. Mourning over the loss of her parents, her friends and her family, she pledged the avenge her fallen allies and defend her kin, with her life if needed.


How did you hear of the Sin Belore?:
A player named Yseult told me about you when we had a little chat in-game.

Why do you want to join us?:
I have always loved the Sin’dorei, and I really enjoy role playing. From what I have heard Sin Belore sounds like a great opportunity, because of it’s uniqueness and, from what I have heard, great community.

Your experience in WoW:
When the Burning Crusade came out I began playing WoW for the first time, I’ve had numerous breaks in between but I always end up coming back to it. The longest break I ever took was approximately a year, but in Pandaria I just don’t get tired of the game.

Your experience in roleplaying:
I’ve been role playing a while with my friends, sometimes 1 on 1, sometimes in small groups (say 5 people). We’ve been doing stuff like that for about 4 years now, but I haven’t been really active in a “big” open role playing environment.

Are you able to stay In Character on following channels: /Say /emote /yell at all times?
Yes, if somebody were to ask me something while role playing I would simply whisper the person, in order to not disturb the role play.

Are you familiar with the terms god-emoting and meta-gaming, and do you think you are able to avoid those traps in your roleplay?
Yes, I am not very fond of those kinds of role play myself. I’ve seen enough spawns of Deathwing, sons of Arthas to know how that can, and will end.

Tell us a bit about yourself: (how old are you, where do you live, do you work or go to school, how much do you usually play etc.)
My name is Emily, I’m 20 year and I’m studying to become a 3D artist. I currently live with my mom in the Netherlands, and play for approximately 20 hours a week, sometimes more. I always have some trouble in the beginning due to a slight shyness, I hope this isn't a bother to anyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Iriehana Dawnsinger   Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:46 am

Poke me or Anthrios ingame and we'll give you an IC interview.

A Vrenya
A Vresha
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Application - Iriehana Dawnsinger
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