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 Lestion reporting for duty

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PostSubject: Lestion reporting for duty   Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:07 am

Characters name: Lestion

Class and level: Destruction Warlock 69 (currently on Runetotem, but I might transfer server if this guild look promising)

Profession: None at the moment, but I plan to start Inscription and one other.

Why does your character want to join Sin Belore?: My character is looking for home where he can serve his duty as he have forsworn for a long long time.

Background: After the destruction of the Sunwell it wasn’t long before Lestion fled the city. He had a mixed feeling of guilt and uselesness and he had to get away to search for some of the hidden, illegal powers he was meddling in before the fall of the Sunwell. Lestion have allways been an intelligent elf, more found of books and scrolls than the sword or bow. Even if this was the case, he never really succeedet when he was training to become a mage. He understood the basic behind each spell, but the Arcane energy never flowed through him like it should as a mage. His masters and teachers allways told him he should control the energy and not put so much passion into each spell, as his spellcasting often had catasthropical results. To control the Arcane energies he spent more and more time reading the books, until he got to the hidden and old dusty tomes at the bottom of the library in Silvermoon. Here he spent day and night reading and gathered more and more information, which led him to dabble in the art of fel magic. Afraid his teachers would find out what he was studying, Lestion allways practiced his spells before dawn. As fel magic is dangerous, it also require the deepest and most controlled concentration of the magic art, so techniques to control his concentration described in great detail in those old tomes. This could of course be used for his studies in the Arcane arts, but the fel magic was too tempting to resist. Lestion managed to summon his imp for the first time on the day of the destruction of the Sunwell. That was the happiest day of his life, until Arthas attacked. Scared and confused, Lestion hid himself in the depts of the secret area of the library in Silvermoon.

He could not shake the feeling that he was sort of responsible for the attack, he had opened a gate to another world, a world filled with demons. Right in the middle of elf land! And now the city was under attack by beeings that had to have been summoned from another world, or at least be part of some of the darkest magic.

This had the opposite effect on Lestion as one would suspect. Instead of turning away from his dabble in fel magic, this drew him closer as he felt that this kind of power had to be controlled by someone, and then why not him. He felt that attacks, like the attack on Silvermoon happened when people did not have control of their power, but he would, and he would study far away from Silvermoon. So he packed his backpack and bedroll and fled, just days after the attack.

For a time he traveled alone, but his time in the library had not prepared him for the real world so he had to look for companionship. He turned to a group of nomads that travelled the world to seek their companioship. He travelled with them for a long time, continuing to reading the tomes he had brought and dabble in the dark arts in the dark, away from the campfire. But it was not only his lust for power that grew, but a lust he had never felt before. He was unaware that this was because of the destruction of the Sunwell, but he started to grow desperate. To hide his changing features he started to wear a cloak to hide his green glowing eyes, and he spoke little to the other members of the group. One of the few people he spoke to was a gnome mage named Sifius, that had an equal interest in books as himself, however their conversations where short because of Lestion’s secrecy. One night when Lestion was sitting in the dark, reading a tome under a candlelight and eating his last piece of dried bread from Silvermoon. He had summoned his imp, which was some sort of company, despite its evil jokes and treaths. He was reading about the path of fire and destruction where one use the fel powers so summon fire from the deepest depts of the void. Lestion felt that to hide his real nature and still be usefull for  the group, fire was the path he should seek since this could easiest be linked to a mage’s spell, instead of summoning demons and casting torture spells that could get you downright killed on the spot in most parts of the civil world.
Suddenly he felt a surge of pain running through his head, and the hunger awoken, like he never felt it before. It wasn’t thirst or the hunger for food, but something less substantional, it was the hunger for magic. The pain was agonising to say the least and his fingers dug into the ground as he lay grunting on the ground.

Sifius had heard his companion was in pain and came rushing to see what the problem was. What met him made him speechless. His companion was laying on the ground, and his hood had been drawn back to reveal the elf’s face. His skin was starting to get a sort of greyish color, and his eyes were shinign green and not the blue hue that was the standard for elves. Behind him stood a demon with wings flapping, trying to comfort his master.

«Demon meddler!» Sifius screamed, while he tried to back away from Lestion. Lestion looked at him with hunger in his eyes, because he could feel the magic surging through the little mage’s body. Lestion was on him and had a hand on the gnomes throath before the gnome could mutter another word. With his other hand he started to drain the gnomes magic energy and life until it was nothing more to take but his soul as well. It was only then he saw what he had done. He was horrified and shocked, had he still not mastered his spells, had he still no control over the powers inside him?

He was gone before the others found the body. He could hear them scream after him, promising he would be hunted as an outlaw for the rest of his life, that no corner was safe.
He even later heard that he was wanted by the authorities for the murder on Sifius.
Still he wouldn’t give up his quest for power, he had to have control, not only of his powers, but of this growing thirst and hunger as well. He had felt it before, traveling with the nomads, but he had allways handeled it somehow, either draining magic from creatures while other weren’t watching, or by potions he stole from the alchemist while he was sleeping, but that was nothing compared to what he felt right before he killed Sifius.
He felt terrible, not only because of the murder, but he could feel that the hunger would return, he had to get help. He went to the nearest village that was out of the path the nomads usually travelled. There he sent a letter to his former friend and teacher [name] back in Silvermoon. He was the only one he trusted with this information as he didn’t know if this was because of his meddling with the darker forces, or and after effect of the destruction of the Sunwell. Short after, he passed out at the nearest inn behind a barred door.

The help came shortly as a portal emerged outside the inn, Celoenus and a Lestion did not know appeared out of the portal and walked into the inn. At this point Lestion had gained consiousness and peered out his window and saw the two tall and slender figures standing outside. He staggered outside the room towards the two elves standing outside. It was all he could do to not attack them where they stood just to get a sip of that awesome magical energy that rested within them. When they saw what state he was in they rushed to his side to help him. They brought him back to his bed and fetched him food and water. The mage allso produced a many wyrm from a cage in his backpack. The serpent was rocking back and forth as he brougt it to Lestion. Lestion looked at the mage and the mage nodded at him as to say "feed and get well". So Lestion did. Celoenus and the mage spent the rest of the day explaining the situation in Silvermoon as well as the teaching that Kael'thas had brought them. Lestion was surprised that there still was a part of Silvermoon that wasn't destroyed and that the elves were rebuilding their society. He liked their new choice of name for their race, as Blood Elf had a certain ring to it that descreibed the suffering they had gone through.

After their conversation was done, and they have listened to his explenation of why he left, and the powers he were practicing, they asked if he wished to come back to Silvermoon to rebuild the city and society.
As Lestion still didn't feel that he could support the city in his current state, he refused their offer and told them that, he wanted to travel, read and figure out who he was and what his knowledge could bring him and Silvermoon as an advantage to stop whatever force that would attack Silvermoon again. They nodded in approval and left.

The last years, as champions have roamed to world of Azeroth, Lestion have travelled to the deepest and darkest places on Azeroth, mainly where one would find demons and Warlocks. He was looking for challenge, and knowledge to enhance his control over the demonic powers he was posessing. Many of those he met was outright evil and wanted no more than destruction to the civil world, so Lestion quickly got rid of them once he got the knowledge he wanted.

Now, as the Horde and Alliance are clashing together more violent than before, Lestion have decided to come back to elven land. He understood why the leves broke away from the alliance and he can never really forgive them for abanondining them after the crisis. He is supspicious to the other horde races, but understand the need for allies in these proving times.

To serve the elves in the best possible way Lestion is looking for an army he can join that do what it takes to secure the safety of the elven land.

(Sorry for the long text, I got a bit carried of...)

How did you hear about Sin'Belore?
I was looking for a rpg guild because I was tired of playing wow and just roleplaying by myself and I want to find a community where I can rp my character.

Why do you want to join us?
See the answer above

Your experience in Wow:
I have been on and off since vanilla wow. I raided with my gnome warlock in vanilla, did barely play during tbc, played some during Lich king as an Orc Hunter, Tauren Paladin doing hc in Cataclysm and I have Troll Shaman and raiding during Mist of Pandaria.

Your experience in roleplaying:
I have not roleplayed at all, exept by myself in wow. I do play some pen and paper rpg with my friends, but nothing in wow.

Are you able to stay In Character on following channels: /Say /emote /yell at all times?
That will not be a problem

Are you familiar with the terms god-emoting and meta-gaming, and do you think you are able to avoid those traps in your roleplay?
I am familiar with this terms and understand why this have to be avoided at all costs.

Tell us a bit about yourself: (how old are you, where do you live, do you work or go to school, how much do you usually play etc.)
I am a 24 year old guy from Norway. I have just finished my bachelor degree in Anthropology and will be moving to China quite soon to study Chinese and try to get a job. The time zone difference will of course affect my gaming time, but I just have to see how that go.
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PostSubject: Re: Lestion reporting for duty   Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:43 pm

Poke myself, Anthrios or Melanthenir ingame and we'll give you an IC interview.

A Vrenya
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PostSubject: Re: Lestion reporting for duty   Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:52 pm

I will go on my temporary lock in level one and speak with you when I have time. Have not transfered my real Warlock yet
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PostSubject: Re: Lestion reporting for duty   

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Lestion reporting for duty
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