Sin Belore, a Blood Elf RP guild on Argent Dawn (EU)
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 Application - Thelithion

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PostSubject: Application - Thelithion   Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:55 pm


1. Character's name as it appears above your character's head: (if your character has a another name she/he uses IC, as well as last name or nick name, add those as well)
- Thelithion Aurivian.

2. Character's class and level, preferably a link to armory as well:
- Paladin/level 91(for now)/

3. Professions: Alchemy and Herbalism. Also fishing, cooking, first aid and Archaeology.

4. What IC motive does your character have to join a Task force?: To gain purpose in his own life. Something to strive for, fight for and gain progress and being the opposite of failure.

5. Background of your character OR an in character APPLICATION: (We don't need to know everything, just something to get a general idea of your character's motives and such) "Thelithion Aurivian, brother to Kel'threzar Aurivian. Ashamed due his brother being a traitor to his own kin. Thelithion is also known for ending his own father. A question of honour or was it just a question of greed or need to prove himself better? Burdened by these dishonorable, grave markings within his mind and an murderous determination for progress has led to him being a cold figure. Not much emotion slips through him as he calculates everything, objectify everyone around him to stay -acceptable- to linger on. Loyalty comes with what is given to him through actions for words have lost their meaning long time ago.
Focused to aid his own kin in his ways and methods to prove to both his kin and himself to be a better person then his brother."


6. How did you hear of the Sin Belore?: I was invited to a group of 2 and leveled through some quests with one of Sin Belore's members and then I caught an interest, spoke to an officer and gained the info of their website and my interest expanded.

7. Why do you want to join us?: To gain enjoyable Sin'dorei RP that is not "lolish" or on a "nooblevel" since that seems to be hard to find these days, I have faith in this guild.

8. Would you say you are a relaxed PERSON with a good sense of humor, or do you often find yourself offended by controversial subjects, even when it's clearly just a joke instead of one's true opinion?
- I have a temper. But I can joke about most things, racism, cannibalism, genocide and such horrific things can be joked about in my opinion but in the end we all need to respect each other and know to not cross a line if possible to avoid. And I am relaxed these days due to IRL things are getting better.

9. Your experience in WoW: I have played WoW for 8.5 years.

10. Your experience in roleplaying: Roleplayed for 8 years. I read lore, I check up on things if I forgot anything to adapt myself to the standards different guilds can have.

11. Do you currently have any alts or mains in other roleplaying guilds? I have 2 other characters in RP guilds but I am tired of one of those so now I search for new "material".

12. Are you able to keep the following channels to In Character messages only, even when you are OOC yourself and think no one will be bothered by a bit of OOC in: /Say /emote /yell? Do you ever use brackets (()), and if so, why? I never use (()) due to it disturbing the roleplay for others. When I am OOC I keep away from those who are IC and I never try to bother roleplayers when I am OOC since I hate it when others do such to me.

13. Are you familiar with the terms: god-emoting, meta gaming & Mary Sue characters? Do you think you will be able to avoid such traps in your roleplay? I am 100% sure that I will avoid such.

14. Tell us a bit about yourself: (how old are you, do you work or go to school, how much do you usually play during the day/week etc.)
- I am 22 years old, soon 23. My name is Robin. Come from sweden. I work as a wielder. I play mostly on weekends due to my job.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Thelithion   Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:08 pm

Looks good!

Whisper myself or Ishelia ingame for an IC interview.

A Vrenya
A Vresha
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Application - Thelithion
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